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August 11, 2019

Parents, model humility for your children. God has ordained various authorities to which we owe honor and respect. When parents humbly honor the authorities over them, be they familial, political, spiritual, as God’s kind provision for their good, your children will learn likewise to honor your parental authority God has placed over them.

Parents, model quick repentance to your children. Do not put on a facade of never sinning, and always being right. Show your children that you respond humbly to correction from Scripture, from your pastor and elders, from the body of Christ. Show them there is redemption from sin, that there is a way back after stumbling.

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July 21, 2019

Christians of past generations often thought about what is “sacred” and “secular,” as well as what is “holy” and “profane.” These days, however, for a number of different reasons, many Christians do not dwell on these things so much anymore. And that is a shame.

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July 7, 2019

Paraphrasing C.S. Lewis a little bit here, Trendy words come and go. They mostly go. May the Lord have mercy on us, that idol and idolatry are not just another passing thought of the moment. But that we find lasting delight in God, find our satisfaction and contentment in him who said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

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June 16, 2019

Sunday is Father’s Day, and, naturally, my inbox is flooded with notices of special sales. Leaving aside the unabashed consumerism for a moment, we may profit from reflecting on honoring our fathers. Interestingly, honoring our heavenly Father with appropriate gifts is the theme of Malachi 1:6–11.

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May 26, 2019

Why would you stick with the old when you can have the new? Of course, this is the mantra of the Madison Avenue, and we would be well advised to ignore it. However, Christians can joyfully affirm “What is new is better than the old” at least in one place. The new covenant is absolutely better than the old covenant.

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