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June 17, 2018

We are also pilgrims. Our journey does not lead us to the earthly Jerusalem, but to heavenly Jerusalem. And we will count every step as blessing. Every step that leads us home, however hard the road may be, is a step that brings us closer to glory and joy. And while we make our journey, we will certainly pray for, and receive, help. But we will also bless the LORD. We will bless the servants of the LORD.

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March 11, 2018

But our pilgrim life is both already/not-yet. We laugh. But we also cry. We carry the cross and live a life of self-denial. But we are also seated with Christ in his glory where no wants and needs are denied. What has your pilgrim life been like? Would you say you are overwhelmingly a person who lives in the “already”? Then your worship is a call to remember the “not-yet,” to bow before the suffering Lord and look upon his cross. Or would you say that you are overwhelmingly a person of “not-yet”? Then your coming to worship is a call to be comforted by the Lord who has overcome, who sit glorious over death, suffering, and tears.

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March 4, 2018

Indeed, our pilgrimage is also fraught with danger. We are hard pressed in every way, and we often meet stiff resistance. We stumble in many ways, and the far-off heavenly Jerusalem feels all but unreachable. That is what discouragement is. We lose heart in life’s many trials, and our hearts sink at the thought of pressing on.

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